Why Should We Standardize Process Diagram?

non standard business process

One of the reason BPMN exist is to standardize how we draw business process diagram. Without standard, one can draw business procees in many ways, often not understood by others.

To illustrate it, below are several diagrams for the same process I found on google.



As shown on the diagrams, all have different notations and the way diagrams are drawn. Some might understand it but others may not. It is a risk if we rely on this kind diagram to be read by many people.

BPMN arrive to standardize this kind of diagrams so that every stakeholder will have the same understanding about the process. Not just the notations (element shapes) are standardized, BPMN also provide a set of guideline based on best practice on how BPMN objects must interact.

In shost BPMN standardize :

  1. element shapes (start, activity, gatewway, dll)
  2. naming conventions
  3. drawing rule
  4. Interaction between actors