Freezer that can reach -300C

If, and only if, in the future our technology in making freezer is very-very advanced, can we make a freezer that is very cold and reach -300 Celcius?

What for? Anything, to freeze living human body like in Terminator moview. Who knows?

Okay, back to the question. Can we or can't we?

The answer is : NO, we can't! The lowest we can get is -273 Celcius or 0 Kelvin which is why the call it zero absolute.

Here is the explanation

The concept of temperature is actually related to kinetics energy ( $E= \frac 12 m v^2$ ) of moving particle inside the thing. Yes, you are right, even seemingly still body contains randomly moving particle inside. The faster the movement the hotter the matter. If we try to cook things we actually give energy to the things to move faster and become hotter.

And if we cool things down, the particle movement become slower and slower until eventually stand still, no movement at all. This is were the object reach zero absolute which is -273 Celcius.

Asking the objects to get coller than this is like a police asking a driver to reduce their speed whereas their speed is already 0 and the car already full stop. Not possible.